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We have looked at the ropes on the market, chosen the best features and combined them in to one rope, built specifically for the average CrossFitter/fast exerciser.


Let's get in to full on geek mode:


  • the handle is shaped to stop it slipping from your hands, especially when you catch a toe;
  • the handle is knurled for extra grip when your hands get sweaty - great without chalk but if you are a chalk monster it holds chalk nicely;
  • the handle is made from light aluminium, so:
    • it has enough weight to help you feel the rope;
    • it is light enough you won't fatigue in high rep double under workouts;
    • it is pretty much unbreakable, unlike plastic handled ropes;
  • the pivot is a ball pivot, so allows the rope to move freely in multiple planes without restriction;
  • the spinney bit has ball bearings for a smooth snag free spin;
  • the thickness of the rope is enough to help you feel the rope all the way around the skip;
  • the length of rope is adjustable without tools, so you can change it before or during the workout:
    • shorter for 15-30 dubs punched out quickly; or
    • longer for bigger sets and/or workouts where shoulder fatigue is a factor.


Even comes with its own drawstring little carry sack!


So, in short, pretty frickin awesome!! 

The Annie Rope - Double unders for days!

£19.99 Regular Price
£14.99Sale Price
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